The  HURON VALLEY DART ASSOCIATION  is a steel tip dart league in Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Michigan.

Week 10 stats have been posted.

HVDA summary of augmented DartConnect stats.
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Here's the link to this season's HVDA DartConnect stats.

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Note - League Start Time Is 7 PM
We have transitioned to using the DartConnect scheduling tool.   The home team is now listed on the RIGHT.
HVDA DartConnect Schedule

Wednesday, November 29 - 7 PM

Position Night

Home Team On The Right

A Division
Double What  vs  Mad Hatters  @  Lodge Lanes
Tons Of Bulls Hit  vs  Evil Beagles  @  The Regal Beagle
Can't Hardly Playboys  vs  Beers Bourbon And Bulls  @  Whitmore Lanes
B Division
B-Dubs  vs  Scrappers  @  8Ball
What's The Point?  vs  The Warriors  @  Saline Legion
Sandbaggers  vs  Straight Shooters  @  Haymaker Public House

Steel Tip Luck Of The Draws

Fridays  -  Lodge Lanes  -  Belleville  -  6:30 PM

Dart Supplies


For all of your dart supply needs, contact Bill Penn (former league member) at, located in Novi.

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